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Disability-Inclusive Ice Skating

Adaptive Skating USA’s mission is to make for a more inclusive society by empowering individuals with disabilities

to transcend barriers and accomplish feats through the exhilarating and wellness-promoting activity of ice skating.


Benefits Of Our Program

Research proves daily physical activity raises self-esteem, develops peer relationships, enhances overall health and improves quality of life.  Ice skating is a beneficial physical activity for providing healthy exercise and enjoyment to people of all ages and abilities.

Adaptive Skating USA  provides access to a life-changing experience. We also provide scholarships that offset individual costs such as program fees, ice time, coaching, and adaptive equipment.

A huge THANK YOU to the directors and volunteer coaches at the Wollman Rink Skating School in NYC’s Central Park. 


Here are some ways to be part of the excitement!

About Adaptive Skating USA

Sherri Putnam, a service-disabled veteran, began ice skating in 2014 as a form of physical therapy and quickly became a fan of the sport. She founded Adaptive Skating USA in 2018 to share the many benefits of ice skating with persons with disabilities. Adaptive Skating USA is a 501(c)(3)NJ Nonprofit Corporation.

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